September 13 luncheon

Dr. Jay Clayton
William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor, Department of English
Vanderbilt University

October 4 luncheon

Dr. Elaine Howard Ecklund
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
Rice University

November 8 luncheon

Dr. Neal Lane
Senior Fellow in Science of Technology Policy
James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy
Malcom Gillis University Professor
Professor, Department of Physics
Rice University

“How the natural sciences may inform, and be informed by, the humanities and social sciences”

December 6 luncheon

Panel Discussion

“Implementing a Three Culture Dialog at Florida State University”

Dr. Meegan Kennedy, English Department
Dr. Joseph Gabriel, Department of Medical Humanities & Social Sciences, College of Medicine
Dr. Pamela Keel, Department of Psychology
Dr. Thomas Miller, Department of Biological Science

Moderator: Dr. Robert Ross, Research Associate in Meteorology: Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science